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Lessons Learned from the 100 Happy Days

"It's A SWonderful Life"

Being a mom of two outrageously adorable boys (yes, she is biased!), a wife, and a business woman, life can get a little hectic! Stephanie enjoys featuring helpful websites, tech toys, apps, and more that are meant to make lives easier!  We all could use some "easy" in our lives!

Working with such companies like Chevrolet, Cottonelle, Nike Women, GoPro, Hallmark and more, Stephanie enjoys acting as a spokesperson and digital correspondent at events!


Be Happy! #100SWonderfulDays

Come and take the #100HappyDays challenge with me! Every day, take a photo of something that has brought you happiness!  Come on, have fun with me and BE HAPPY! Learn more in my blog post and see my collection!

Fun With Photography

Capturing memories is one of my favorite things to do with my family! Photography is fun past time for me, so I'll share some of my favorites in a gallery!

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